Frecuently asked questions

50) Can you advise me on issues of compliance with employment contracts in the Netherlands?

We do not provide these services, but there are other organizations that can help you. You can check the following information:


  1. a) Fairwork NU (Worker rights in The Netherlands)

Phone: +31 6 15 49 66 00

Frequently asked questions:


  1. Office for Compliance with Temporary Workers Labor Agreement (Temporary contracts)



  1. Central Government of the Netherlands (Abuse of foreign employees)

Telephone Netherland: 1400

Telephone outside Netherland: +31 70 2140214

Whastapp: +31 65500 1400



  1. d) Inspection SZW (Supervision of the Inspection of Social Affairs and Employment)

Call 0800-5151 (even if you want to make an anonymous report)


*Keep in mind that the rules of state organizations may vary year by year, if you want to review the rules in detail, we always recommend to check the official website of Dutch organizations.

51) What is the procedure to follow in the face of labor abuse in the Netherlands?

Case complaint process and victim protection

When the victim decides to denounce his trafficker, a judicial process can be launched against a person trafficker. The victim has to collaborate with the police, that is, to denounce. The process begins with an interview with the police: it is a simple informal conversation in which no concrete details are given but it already implies that the victim is not anonymous. From this interview begins a period of reflection in which the victim has to decide whether to file a formal complaint. During this time the victim receives protection and is entitled to a whole series of things (reception in a center, residence permit, etc.).


Options after exploitation


1) A complaint (criminal law) can be filed either with the police (AVIM department) or with the labor inspection (ISZW) for cases of labor exploitation. In labor inspection there are two different departments that work on the issue, one is dedicated to fines for administrative crimes (not giving the minimum wage, control of the immigration law, for example) and the other to carry out criminal law investigations in more serious cases

It is possible to file a complaint anonymously (Meld misdaad anoniem) by phone. The police have a team of criminal information (team criminele inlichtingen) to which serious, criminal events can be reported.


2) Considerations to report. Victims decide or not to report according to a series of issues such as wanting to maintain anonymity (fear of reprisals), depending on how feasible they see the winner, the duration of the process, and other considerations.

3) Alternatives and economic compensation. You can also opt for other alternatives to the complaint. For example, mediation or pressure can be used through a support organization such as Fair Work. Sometimes these organizations can talk to employers or ETTs to let them know. Sometimes it is possible to go up the production chain, that is, they can be influenced indirectly: by talking with other companies to which these ETTs provide services, and indicate that they are also responsible for paying the minimum wage if the ETT does not. You can also open a civil procedure (loonvordering) or request an aid from the Schadefonds Geweldmisdrijven compensation fund.

A final alternative is to ‘join a case’, that is, a case that is already being instructed, which has been denounced by another person, add our complaint to its cause.


4) Notify is another alternative. The labor inspection ISZW or SNCU (Stichting naleving CAO uitzendkrachten) can be notified.


Source: Fair Work

52) Where can find an official translator from English to Dutch in the Netherlands?

The following link is the association of sworn translators in different languages, registered in the Netherlands. You must select from what language to which language you want the documents translated and you will see the list of possible translators.


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