Frecuently asked questions

42) I received an inheritance from a relative that is not Dutch and I live in the Netherlands. Do I have to pay taxes for that inheritance in The Netherlands?

  • You do not have to pay taxes in The Netherlands for that inheritance if:
  • The value of the inheritance is less than or equal to the amount that is exempt. Check the next page wat is exempt

  • The deceased was not Dutch.
  • The deceased was Dutch and he did not live in The Netherlands during the last 10 years.

43) I received an inheritance from The Netherlands and I live abroad. Where should I pay the inheritance tax?

When you live in The Netherlands, remember that each country has its own rules on taxes. Then you must take in consideration in which country you live. If you have to file tax declarations in The Netherlands or in the country where you live.


44) When should I pay the inheritance tax in The Netherlands?

  • If the deceased lived in The Netherlands and his inheritance is higher than his exemption. Check the following page about exemptions.

  • If the deceased was Dutch, and he lived outside the Netherlands for less than 10 years and the value of his inheritance is more than his exemption.

45) When do I pay the inheritance tax in the country where I live?

Due to the inheritance tax rules are different everywhere, it is not possible to explain how the rules work in each country. It is better to investigate how the inheritance tax legislation in the country where you live is.


46) How do I avoid paying double inheritance tax? Do I have to pay taxes on the same inheritance in The Netherlands and abroad?

In that case, you declare that, in your inheritance tax return in the Netherlands. Maybe the Netherlands has a trade with the country where you live, to avoid double taxation.



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