Our services

1- Income tax return (Inkomstenbelasting).
2- VAT declaration for companies (Eenmanszaak and Vof).
3- Request of allowances for health insurance, childcare, rent, etc.
4- Request U1 Form (time worked in the Netherlands, to apply for unemployment in UE).
5- Application for unemployment benefit (WW).
6- Benefit of 30% ruling.
7- Registration and payment of foreign car taxes in the Netherlands.


Our services

Tax Services

  • Income tax return (Inkomstenbelasting) forms P, C, M, F and W.
  • VAT declaration for companies.  (Eenmanszaak and Vof).
  • Tax treaties between Spain and the Netherlands.
  • Information on the 30% ruling.
  • Advice during audits.
  • Interpretation of letters from the Belastingdienst.
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Accounting Services

  • Review of invoices for companies.
  • Advice on invoicing rules.
  • Preparation of the balance sheet of your company.
  • Report of profits and losses of your company.
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Subsidy Application

  • Health insurance  (zorgtoeslag), Daycare (kinderopvangtoeslag), Rent (Huurtoeslag), etc.
  • Request for unemployment.
  • Application for Form U1 (time worked in the Netherlands).
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Online platform in English


  • Direct access to our PSM Consultancy online computer platform, where each client can view their current and historical VAT and income tax return reports.
  • Register and search for actual and historical invoices on the online platform.
  • Annual profit chart of your company.
  • Records of working hours.
  • Customer and supplier management.
  • Mileage record for your car.


  • Direct access to our online computer platform, where each client can view their current income statement account.
  • You can access their account from anywhere in the world.
  • You can share personal information in an orderly and secure manner in our system.
  • You can search the history of their income tax return sent to the Belastingdienst.