Frecuently asked questions

28) How many types of subsidies are?

There are 5 types:


  • Zorgtoeslag(Healthcare allowance)

The healthcare allowance is a contribution to the cost of your Dutch health insurance. You can receive this allowance, if you earn less than €22.700 per year (Salary estimated for 2019)


  • Huurtoeslag(Rental allowance)

The rental allowance is a contribution to the rental cost of your home. This allowance can be requested, if you earn less than €29.500 per year and the rental expenses do not exceed €700. (Salary and rental expenses estimated for 2019)


–           Kinderopvangtoeslag (Healthcare allowance)

If your children go to daycare, you can receive this allowance. This is a contribution, for the costs of the daycare. You can apply for this allowance, if you use a registered childcare and you and your partner work. The amount you receive depends on the hours you work, the type of daycare and how many hours you use. In addition, the child must live in the same direction as the parents.


  • Kindgebonden Budget(Childcare budget)

The childcare budget is a contribution to your children’s costs up to the age of 18. You will receive this, in addition to the benefit for each child. This budget also depends, on your income and your partner’s income.


  • Kinderbijslag (Family allowance)

The amount of the family allowance depends on the age of your child. This amount increases when the child turns 6 and increases again when the child turns 12. We pay the family allowance at the end of the quarter. For example, in 2019 for children form 0-5 years, the amount of euros that is paid is € 221.49. Children from 6-11 years receive €268.95, teenagers from 12-17 years receive €316.41 and is paid quarterly (January, April, July and October).

29) ¿How do I know, if I can get one of this allowances?

You can check in the toeslagen webpage if you can get the allowances. First, you must enter the year you want to request the allowance, add your personal information and the type of allowance. The system will estimate, whether or not you can apply for the allowance. To check the calculation go to the following page:

30) I have not used my health insurance in a year. Can I ask a healthcare allowance for my health insurance?

If you are not using your health insurance in a year, does not imply that you can ask a healthcare allowance. You can only apply for this allowance, depending on your annual income.

For example: if in 2019 your income does not exceed €29.500 during the year, then you can apply for the healthcare allowance.

31) Can I apply for housing allowance (huurtoeslag)?

It depends on the annual income you had, during the year you want to ask the allowance.

For example, in 2019 you live alone, your income does not exceed €22.700 per year and your rental expenses including services do not exceed €700, then you can apply for the housing allowance (huurtoeslag).

32) Depending on what, can I ask or not the housing allowance (huurtoeslag)?

It depends, on the income you had during the year.

33) What is the Wereldinkomen form?

The Wereldinkomen (world income) form is the form requested by the Toeslagen with your worldwide income. For example: If you have requested any allowance, and you are registered in the Gemeente with an address in Spain, then the Toeslagen will ask you to proof that your global incomes, in order to calculate the allowance.


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